Acoustiic Expands Team and Opens New Facility to Develop Paradigm Shifting Healthcare Technology

Bellevue, WashingtonJuly 12, 2022 –
Acoustiic, Inc., a healthcare company at the forefront of next-generation therapeutic ultrasound systems, announced today closing a funding round and expanding its team and facilities to develop non-invasive, early treatment of multiple diseases. The company is creating an ultrasound technology platform for the treatment of a wide variety of potential clinical indications in a compact, modular, and versatile system with the goal of improving patient outcomes and lowering costs. For treatment of one of the indications, liver and pancreatic cancer, Acoustiic has received Breakthrough Device Designation from the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

The funding will accelerate the company’s production of its first-generation therapy system, while continuing development of next-generation systems for wider indication application. Acoustiic’s new 7,500 square foot office and manufacturing facility for development, testing, and production allows for ongoing future expansion. The company has expanded its team of the world’s leading experts in medical device manufacture and delivery.

“We’re excited to be a step closer to delivering a quantum leap in non-invasive healthcare to patients in desperate need,” said Sean Taffler, Ph.D., CEO and Cofounder of Acoustiic. “This funding ensures we have the facilities, equipment, staff, and runway to deliver innovative medical technology and gives us support through the regulatory process.”

“The use of non-invasive treatment techniques will be a game changer for hospitals and patients alike, bringing sci-fi style healthcare into the mainstream,” added Paul Reynolds, Ph.D, Cofounder and CTO of Acoustiic. “We’re bringing together leading technologies in a way that is currently unavailable commercially, and that sets the basis for a platform technology to expand advanced healthcare for the next decade.”

“Acoustiic’s platform will revolutionize medical care across the world,” added Anil Sethi, Cofounder of Acoustiic. “While we have advanced care for diseases like cancer, the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation take a high toll on patients and come at a high cost to the healthcare system. Acoustiic’s technology aims to make many surgeries non-invasive and reduce or even eliminate the need for chemo and radiation that cause major systemic issues.”


Acoustiic, Inc., is a medical device company, developing novel high-element ultrasound arrays to create the platform technology for the future of medical therapy. In a typical configuration, thousands of individual transducers are orchestrated to focus ultrasound energy to a point within the target organ (much like a lens focusing the sun’s rays, but with the precision of a laser). This focus of energy can be used to destroy tissue, or at lower power to enhance drug delivery, elevate potency, or modulate the activity of neurons. It is this versatility that makes the technique unrivaled when compared to other methods. For more information, visit