More detailed technology:
The most advanced ultrasound
array ever built

The physical concept

  • While most ultrasound devices have one or two hundred, Acoustiic‘s system uses over 20,000 tiny, individually controlled speaker-like elements to focus heat-generating ultrasound waves on one point. The technology can cross through several layers of different tissues. Whereas radiation damages all nearby cells, and chemotherapy damages cells all around the body. HIFU leaves no incisions, no lifetime limits, and can be an outpatient treatment.
  • Acoustiic uses custom emission-plane electronics in the applicator. They are smaller, lighter, and more precise than the competition, and require no robotics or moving parts.
  • Non-invasive surgeries can be performed in minutes, not hours.

Steering the ultrasound focus on the surface of the water after reflection from the bottom of the tank

MRI-assisted precision

  • Our first generation system images within an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine to ensure that the treatment affects only the cancerous cells.
  • Future systems from Acoustiic will simultaneously image and target with ultrasound, eliminating the need for an MRI. These systems will be small and easy to deploy in a wide range of facilities, including small clinics without access to an MRI.

A new platform for non-invasive surgery and disease treatment

  • While starting with liver and pancreatic cancers, two of the most painful and deadly cancers today, Acoustiic will expand to solid mass tumors throughout the body, including kidney, thyroid, breast, and even brain tumors.
  • Focused ultrasound in lower intensities is also demonstrated to open the blood brain barrier to allow application of drugs, treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, essential tremor, depression, and even improve blood flow within limbs reducing the need for amputation in cases of peripheral arterial disease.
  • Acoustiic‘s technology enables a new century of medical treatments that can revolutionize healthcare.