Acoustiic is focused on bringing next generation hardware and software to cancer treatment - killing tumors from outside the body with precise, safe ultrasound. We're dedicated to making High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, HIFU, one of the treatments of choice by oncologists everywhere. Our technology brings the world's most densely sampled matrix transducers for precision targeting of cancer, combined with the most advanced treatment planning software to ensure fast, effective therapy with minimum side effects. 


Team: Our founding team combines decades of experiences in ultrasound, electronics, advanced simulation, and product development with business acumen that has led to multiple successful companies sold to the largest corporations in the world. 


We're hiring in a number of areas, including transducer and electronics development, numerical simulation, ML/AI, and system integration. If you want to change the world for cancer patients, and know you have skills that can be brought to bear, then contact us.



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